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2018 Synergy Conference Session Schedule


8:45 AM       1 hour Keynote

 13 Messages of Milo (106)
The “13 messages from Milo” are character counts taught to businesses universities and schools. Inspired by real life experiences, Christopher promotes his messages to avoid negativity and being judgmental. Christopher will be sharing an overview of the 13 messages. Come, be inspired, and be changed!
Christopher Milo, President, 13 Messages of Milo

 10:00 AM               2 hours

 Communicate to Collaborate, Facilitate and Motivate (105)
We all need to collaborate, facilitate and motivate people in the workplace and beyond. This is true even if you aren’t in a leadership position. Participants will gain the tools to better relate to each other and share power, especially during turbulent times.
Dr. Kitty Brandal, President, Corporate Compass Training, LLC

Using the 13 Messages of Milo (107)
Dig deeper into the 13 Messages of Milo and apply the principles to your life. These principles will change the way you think and how you perceive the world. Hear real life scenarios that drive the message into the hearts and minds of people which bring out the truth by telling the truth.
Christopher Milo, President, 13 Messages of Milo

1:45 PM             1 hour

Better Together (113)
Teamwork! Partnership! Relationship! Cooperation! What do all these words have in common? They all define collaboration. Learn how to change people’s lives by collaborating with partner’s one system, one community and one person at a time.
Rachael Benson, Provider Relations Specialist, Clearwater COG
Beth Boyle, Policy & Strategic Direction, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Jeff Davis, Director of Government Relations, OPRA-Ohio Provider Resource Association
Nancy Richards, Executive Director, Clearwater COG

Fix the List (115)
Through the efforts of a stakeholder coalition and statewide feedback of people with ID/DD and their families, a new approach was developed for Ohio’s waiting list for waiver funding. Learn more about the coalition, why the changes were needed, how it works, and how those changes are being implemented.
Steve Beha, Family Outreach and Education Coordinator, Ohio Department of DD
Amanda Beil, Family Advocate, The ARC of Ohio
Latrice Smith, Eligibility & Waiting List Manager, Hamilton County DD Services
Renee Wood, Chair, Ohio Olmstead Task Force

Create the Life You Want Using LifeCourse Tools! (120)
Do you have the life you want? The LifeCourse tools provide support teams with the skills needed to advocate for their desired life. The framework of this course is designed to help all people create the life they want no matter your age or situation.
Melane Barlow, Ohio LifeCourse Ambassador, Ohio State University
Barbara Sapharas, Ohio LifeCourse Ambassador, Ohio State University
Celia Schloemer, Ohio LifeCourse Ambassador, UCECDD – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

 Employment and Educational Successes (131)
Hear about the experiences of four men with DD who make a difference with their work. They will share how their lives have changed by believing in themselves and following their education and employment dreams. Learn how determination and some assistance can lead you to achieving your goals.
Jamie Hoy, Owner, Jamie’s Custom Woodworking
Karl Murray, Auto Detailer, Jeff Drennen Dealership
Noah Trembly, Lecturer- Education, Advocacy, and more, Noah Trembly Enterprises
Nathan Turner, Senior Internet Assessor Social Media Evaluator, Lionbridge GSS/Appen

3:00 PM             2 hours

 APPRECIOLOGY – The Art and Science of Appreciation (103)
Want to improve staff retention and recruitment, agency morale, reputation and image? Old leadership styles are no longer effective with a new generation of staff, new technologies and new issues. This seriously humorous presentation will expand your leadership tool kit with APPRECIOLOGY! Bring your sense of humor and lots of questions!
Dr. Greg LaForme, Special Consultant, The Impact Group
Tom Speaks, Co-owner, The Impact Group

Build Resilience by Understanding Trauma (118)
Understand complex trauma, how it affects the brain and body, and what we can do to heal. Interactive approaches will be shared among the participants to deepen our collective empathy and leave with practical next steps to support healing.
Sarah Buffie, Founder/Director, Soul Bird Consulting

Play to Your Strengths (124)
Identify how strengths, skills and abilities can improve your life! Increase the likelihood of having a satisfying career, earning money, and finding joy while improving your relationships.
David Sincoff, Behavior Support Specialist, Athens County Board of DD

Victim Assistance – Overcoming System Barriers (126)
Identify current barriers in criminal justice systems faced by survivors and victim service programs, and review options to overcome those barriers. Unique sensory interventions and communication options will be demonstrated which support victims to access services more readily. Participants will identify gaps and solutions in services within their own counties.
Leigha Shoup, Child Advocacy Center Director, Crime Victim Services
David Voth, Executive Director, Crime Victim Services

 7:00 PM             2 hours

 Movie: Wonder (111)
Based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters 5th grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.
Mindy Garverick, OSDA Board Member


8:45 AM            1 hour Keynote

 Supported Decision-Making: From Justice for Jenny to Justice for All! (121)
supported decision making transformed her life by restoring her independence without the need for a guardian.
Jonathan Martinis, Senior Director for Law and Policy, The Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University

 10:00 AM          2 hours

The Ohio Ethics Law: It’s Everybody’s Business! (101)
This session will help you to understand how to identify and avoid potential conflicts of interest. It will also provide information regarding ethics prohibitions related to public contracts, potential post-employment requirements, and general assistance available from the Ohio Ethics Commission.
Susan Willeke, Education & Communications Administrator, Ohio Ethics Commission

Create a Culture of Coordinated Support (122)
Learn to use supported decision-making in programs and services for people with disabilities. An introduction to the culture of coordinated support model will help organizations collaborate and coordinate their efforts to provide more effective and efficient supports.
Jonathan Martinis, Senior Director for Law and Policy, The Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University

I Dance With Love (125)
The mission of iDance is to inspire the love of the performing arts through creative expression and to provide a connection to fitness and healthier lifestyles. Hear from people who have experienced the benefits of emotional and self-regulation skills taught and reinforced through structured music and movement exercises. Other areas of focus will include basic nutrition guidance, language development and a performance by students of iDance. Dance, Sing, Laugh and Love with iDance!
Karen Medina, iDance APAC Director/Founder, IDance APAC

1:45 PM             1 hour

Walking to Wheeling…My Journey to Living Life (116)
Adam Helbling will take you through his journey of being an able-bodied national champion water skier whose life changed in an instant when a horrific car accident paralyzed him from the chest down. This unexpected journey leads him to a life of advocacy. You will leave inspired to speak up for yourself!
Adam Helbling, Owner, Adam Helbling, LLC

Our Project STIR Journeys (128)
From all over the great State of Ohio, people with disabilities are speaking up! Hear about how Project STIRTM started them on each of their journeys. After graduating from Project STIRTM, these leaders took their training to the next level by applying it to each of their passions: volunteering, employment, retirement, training, creating new relationships and the importance of making connections to support their passions. At times barriers did exist, however these leaders explain how the use of their training, support and networking proved to be powerful tools to continue leadership roles that exist today.
Logan Detwiler, Self-Advocate, Medina County Board of DD
Ty Ferguson, Self-Advocate, Logan County Board of DD
Carly Sabo, Self-Advocate, Erie County Board of DD
Andy Wells, Self-Advocate, Ottawa County Board of DD

Navigating Change without Losing Your Focus (129)
Handle organizational, system and personal change in healthy ways for long-term success. Navigate change, learn and organize new approaches, build resilience and create new support structures that are vital in today’s ever-changing world. The presentation will highlight healthy change management from an organizational and system perspective with County Board staff and from a personal perspective from self-advocates who have recently started community employment or moved from facilities into the community.
Andrew Taylor, SSA, Knox County Board of DD

How do I Know Who Are the Best Providers? (130)
Ever wonder how to find a provider and see what other families and individuals think of their service?  Provider Guide Plus is an exciting new online resource for rating service providers. This easy to use, online system allows you an opportunity to rate your service providers and learn how others have rated their providers. Provider Guide Plus is intended to help with the provider selection process and to help improve services overall.
Leah Dalton, Housing and Placement Manager, Cuyahoga County Board of DD
Kelly Petty, Superintendent & CEO, Cuyahoga County Board of DD
Teresa Rice, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Cuyahoga County Board of DD

3:00 PM             2 hours

Supporting Sex Offenders with ID/DD in the Community (102)
Explore necessary treatment for those who struggle with sexual offending issues. What do we do when people confide in us about what happened and it turns into a confession? Hear about ways people have been able to regain their independence in the community following treatment. Learn how county boards support people with ID/DD who have been adjudicated as sex offenders and are returning to their community.
Phil Florian, Forensic Liaison, Cuyahoga County Board of DD
Michael Kontura, Forensic Liaison, Cuyahoga County Board of DD

Never Give Up! (108)
Nick Scott shares his personal story of how he started with a dim glimmer of hope and an idea. The idea changed to a dream and then became his goal. Nick tried and failed during his struggles because no one ever dreamed Nick’s dream. He became the journeyman as he laid foundations along the path and turned adversity into success.
Nick Scott, Wheelchair Bodybuilding Inc., Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.

Trauma Affects Everyone! (123)
Regardless of the magnitude of the crisis, understanding how trauma affects the brain is crucial. You will learn what you can do to help a person who has experienced trauma.
Jim Still-Pepper, Trainer and Consultant, Still Light Seminars, LLC

 7:00 PM             1.5 hours

Movie: Murderball (112)
Athletes, who play full-contact rugby in wheelchairs, overcome unimaginable obstacles to compete in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. (R Rating)
Mindy Garverick, OSDA Board Member


  9:30 AM            1 hour

Dating Etiquette and Safety (104)
Define healthy/unhealthy relationships, identify dating “red flags”, and address the risk of potentially harmful outcomes related to things such as abuse, sexually transmitted infections, and unplanned pregnancy. This session will shed light on important etiquette for dating safely.
Danielle Isham, Regional Director of Health Care, Echoing Hills Village

Movement Matters (109)
Consistent movement improves the muscle and stimulates the mind. Nick motivates his listeners to take the initiative to start a new life. Overcoming depression and other barriers, Nick has achieved success as a Wheelchair Bodybuilding Champion, Wheelchair Ballroom Dancer, professional athlete, and professional speaker.
Nick Scott, Wheelchair Bodybuilding Inc., Wheelchair Bodybuilding, Inc.

Technically Speaking…About Support (127)
How technology can help us live a more fulfilling life.
Ken Smith, Director of Development, Rest Assured

Gearing up for Inclusion (132)
Get ready and geared up for a session devoted to defining the difference between mainstreaming, integration and inclusion. Witness first-hand how to define inclusion and empower the community to be the change.
Joan Bauer, Early Childhood Support Specialist, Summit DD Board
Lucy Boss, Early Childhood Support Specialist, Summit DD Board
Haylee DeSonne, Inclusion Specialist, Summit DD Board
Lynnette Klejka, Assistant Director of Inclusion, Summit DD Board

10:50 AM          1 hour

Build Better Lives (110)
Successful transition planning strategies with a focus on technical assistance to support people who face challenges living in their communities. Staff from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Division of Residential Resources, will provide information and tools to county boards and providers that will help people live better lives.
Andria Kleiner, Community Resource Coordinator, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Heather Krenwinkel, Community Resource Coordinator, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Sara Lawson, Residential Resource Administrator, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Ginnie Whisman,   Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Takin’ it to the Streets! (114)
Community connections initiatives help to facilitate the shift from an exclusively service based system to one that is more focused on building meaningful relationships and connections in the community. Be motivated to tailor these initiatives to your community.
Stephanie Shank, Program Developer, Clearwater COG

Healthy Living (117)
Want to learn how to make a healthy choice the easy choice? How to be more active or make healthier food choices with what you have at home? Many individuals in the Healthy Living Initiative have learned how to cook healthy meals, be more active and have a healthier lifestyle by making a few simple changes. Join us to learn more about how to cook healthy meals, be more independent in the kitchen, portion sizes, and kitchen safety and how to create your own Healthy Living Initiative in your community.
Alayna Anderson, Health Educator, Knox County Health Department
Kim Lannoy, SSA, Knox County Board of DD

Staying Safe on the Internet (119)
Social networking is great! I get to keep up with all my friends and share my every thought! But what about the dark side of the internet and the dangers that are there? Learn how to stay safe while using the internet, guarding personal information and being aware of who might be on the other end. Choose friends carefully to avoid being exploited.
Brittany Hamlin, Self-Advocate, Hancock County Board of DD
Dan Sartin, Self-Advocate, Hancock County Board of DD
Cheryl Strohm, Advocacy and Community Support, Hancock County Board of DD


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