Synergy Ohio

2014 Synergy Handouts

# 102 Download Handout

Understanding and Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Community Life

# 104 Download Handout

Supporting People with Complex needs

# 105 Download Handout

Leaders: Born or Bred?

# 106 Download Handout

Life After Labels

# 115 Download Handout

Art Versus Craft: Separation Anxiety

# 119 Download Handout

The Art of Listening

# 122 Download Handout

What Will the Future be Like? Listening to People with Disabilities and families

# 123 Download Handout

Women in Power!

# 124 DDownload Handout

The Good Life Recipe

# 126 Download Handout

You Want Me to Work, but What About my Benefits?

# 127 Download Handout

Above & Beyond Behavior Support

# 130 Download Handout

Keep Calm and Live On


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